ConvOcean provides social media analytics for any topic or location. We’re dedicated to making sure DM (Direct Messaging) through ConvOcean is a safe, private, and secure place for you to connect with the people who matter. To do this, we’ve built tools that allow you to stay in control, secure your account, and stay safe on the platform. We are answering some of your questions here:

1. Who can use the Direct Messaging feature in ConvOcean?

Social media campaign managers, digital campaign managers, e-commerce companies, franchises, restaurants, healthcare agencies, gaming companies, government relations firms, hospitals, manufacturers

2. What kind of content is allowed in the Direct Messaging feature?

Promotional offers, discount offers, promotion of events, website promotions, citizen engagement, citizen polling, online polling, getting out the vote.

The messages must not discriminate or encourage discrimination against people based on personal attributes such as race, ethnicity, color, national origin, religion, age, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, family status, disability, a medical or genetic condition. It should never include any aggressive or abusive language against a third party as well as pornographic or nudity content.

3. What time can you send a Direct Message campaign?

From 9 am - 6 pm EST. If you submit messages at other times, it will be sent after 9 AM EST the next day

4. What are the safeguarding procedures to maintain compliance and control over the content?

There will be a manual check and screening for all the DM campaigns. ConvOcean will review only the content and will not have access to the sender information. Once approved, the campaign will be launched and the direct messages will be sent. The manual check may last on average between 15-30 mins to a maximum of one hour.

5. In what languages can the messages be sent?

The Direct Message can be sent in any language as long as it is compliant.

6. Who can use the Direct Messaging feature?

Only the users that have signed and completed the privacy policy of ConvOcean and that have linked their Twitter account.

7. Is ConvOcean sharing and storing my messages and data?

We want you to know what information we collect and how we use it. We don’t use the content of your messages with other people for ad targeting, which means advertisers can’t target you based on what you say in messages. As with other parts of ConvOcean, we collect information primarily to provide the service, improve the product experience, and keep people safe and secure.

8. Is there a limit to the number of characters per campaign?

There are no current limits in the number of characters when you send DM.

9. What is your current unsubscription model?

Every DM campaign and every message sent via ConvOcean has an unsubscribed feature that allows recipients to unsubscribe right away from the sender and cannot be contacted anymore via Twitter DM. Once the user is unsubscribed, the user will not receive any message from you ever in the future. Your account will get the list of unsubscribed users.

10. How do I know that someone unsubscribed to my Direct messaging?

The list of users who unsubscribe to receive DMs from you is available in your campaign result for your account.

11. Can I schedule my DM?

You can schedule DMs within 24 hours time.

12. Can I send the same Twitter DM to the same user multiple times?

You should not send the same DM to the same user for the next 72 hours.

13. Can I send the different DMs to the same user multiple times in a day?

You should not send more than 1 message to the same user in 48 hours.