Toronto Centre is a federal electoral district in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It covers the heart of Downtown Toronto. Social media has seen a bigger rise in the last few years in Toronto center. Being an elected official, you can take advantage of social media users' rise effortlessly in your elections to reach voters in between elections and normal life. Convocean is a unique social media tool that is useful to you in many ways! Top trending topics, hashtags, user analysis, brand analysis etc. information can be found on in just one click. Apart from this, When to post to whom to post kind of information is also provided by convocean. Below image shows convocean’s analytics of the number of users who are using various social media platforms:

The total Twitter population in Toronto Centre is 15036.  23.0% of users talk about Taxes in Toronto Centre. Other trending topics are trade and education. As we all know, Canada is the most popular place for education. This information can help you to know what people are talking about and you’re unaware! You can go for advertisements and campaigns based on it.

The Facebook population in Toronto Centre is 45106. Here, the following hashtags are used by most people in Toronto Centre.

  1. #Election

  2. #blackcommunity

  3. #COVID

Based on these hashtags your messages can be reached to more people or voters.

The Instagram population in Toronto Centre is 29131. If we talk about the Conservative Party of Canada, they have 56.9% positive sentiment analysis. You can use this information to find trending topics, people’s opinions and various parties’ information through it.

The number of YouTube users in Toronto Centre is 40408. In which 31.1% of users are gamers on YouTube. You can find what kind of a population on various social media platforms are working on. Based on it, you can target your audiences.

Convocean not only helps you to find audiences, topics and issues on social media platforms, but It’ll also help you to reach out to as many audiences as you want in one click. Also, you can send messages group-wise i.e. if you want to message only students from Twitter, you can also do that. To know more features about Convocean, Visit