The town of Croydon is a major metropolitan center in south-east London and the administrative headquarters of the London Borough of Croydon. The 2022 Croydon London Borough Council election will take place on 5th May 2022 to elect all 70 members of the Croydon London Borough Council. Being an elected official or involved in politics, there are many things you need to know about what is going on around you. With today's technological advancements, most politicians are using social media as a tool to communicate with their constituency. Social media is crucial in becoming a successful politician because it puts your message out to the public, by the public and of the public. 

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Convocean's can give you a detailed real-time analytics report of Croydon, London! According to it, the social media population in Croydon central, London is shown in the picture:

On Twitter, Top Hashtag is #COVID19. 21.4% of users are talking about it in Croydon Central, London. If you know the trending hashtags, it will be easier for you to reach out to audiences based on their concerns.

On Facebook, 21.1% of users talk about Violence against girls in Croydon Central, London. This is the trending topic in this area. You can run advertisements based on these trending topics on various platforms to reach out to audiences.

On Instagram, 32% of users are physicians active in Croydon Central, London. Being a campaign manager, you should know what kind of audiences you are targeting. This will help you to reach specific audiences with the exact message!

On YouTube, the following are the top keywords that are currently being used. By using these keywords, you will be able to reach out to maximum audiences. Social conversations are all about using the right keywords.

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