California’s 37th congressional district, California is in the U.S state of California based in Los Angeles county. This district of California is highly diverse ethnically. Los Angeles County general election is held on 2nd November of 2021. As an elected official, you always need to be aware of what is happening around you. You may feel that it is not your job to get involved with the day-to-day management of the town, but in today’s world, you need to participate and find ways to engage with your community. How to do it without losing sight of your role as a representative of the voters? Convocean will help you by giving Real-time analytics data!

According to it, the total social media population in California 37th District, California is 151784 users, 411985 users, 245746 users, 433669 users of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube respectively.

On Twitter, there are 21.2% of people talk about #americanfirst in California 37th district, California! This kind of information can help you reach out to the audience according to their concerns.

On Facebook, 28.1% of Mom users are active in California 37th district, California! As we all know they are a stronger group in accordance with influencing people, you can target this group on Facebook for communication and win the loyalty of voters.

On Instagram, 34.3% of users talk positively on different topics. Sentiment Analysis helps you to see people’s sentiments on different topics and where to target an audience.

On YouTube, the top keywords by users are Mental Health, Gun Control, Drug Price Regulation. 29.7% of users talk about Mental health in California 37th District, California. These keywords are used in conversations and posts which can help you to choose keywords in your post to reach out to the audience.

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