Social media analytics tools can be used to navigate through the political noise.

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Convocean’s Social Media Analytics Tools provide valuable insights about the people's mood in a location to build your political campaign for upcoming elections and much more.

Social media and its users don’t shy away from sharing their outlook anymore. THere is no doubt that Social media and politics have become inseparable. Social media has created new communication channels that play a crucial role in circulating news, promoting policies, and connecting with potential voters. The current U.S. election and the previous one has proved how powerful social networking sites can form and change public perception. Every user (fake or real) on social media is content creators. The new age of media populism explains how common citizens can now have an active and active role in political discourse.

“Social media presents the opportunity to inform more people, amplify voices, and allow for an array of diverse voices to speak.” - Ethan Zuckerman

We understand navigating social media and politics can be tricky for those responsible for managing public accounts like lobbyists. Social media analytics have given lobbyists new powerful tools to work more efficiently, quickly, and effectively. However, not many are able to truly understand these powerful tools and ways to leverage them for strategic decision making.

That’s exactly why we are there to guide you. We understand that the lobbying industry is complex and Convocean can help you leverage the social media conversations to connect with users more effectively. We actively listen and analyze the social chatters to get you real-time data by location. Our reports help you capture public opinion around elections, policies, and politicians. We go to the micro-level and track what social media users are conversing about online. While other social media tools are limited to superficial data, we get you deep insight.

“Our customized dashboard gives you access to real-time analytics of influencers, conversations, fake users, and connections to your target audience. Where you can connect with both Potential voters and potential donors."

How can Convocean help lobbyists?

We have unique solutions for political lobbyists and politicians.

Shape online policy environment and public debate

Public policies are going social. Policymakers are using sentiment analysis across policy cycles. Social media platforms now provide avenues to promote the interaction among politicians, bureaucrats, and citizens.

Before jumping in to create a post to promote any policy on social media, you need to understand the social sentiment around it. Convocean’s location-based reports on Bills provide you with a detailed analysis of any Bill, issues, and specific location users.

Location-based reports on Bills: Screenshots are needed from the website. I do not have access.

Policymakers could significantly benefit from this data as it gives them insight into which location they need to focus their attention to. A lobbyist can use this data for enhancing institutional responsiveness, accountability, and learning for their candidates. We provide a fast and cost-effective stream of information that could be utilized to monitor public policies better.

Raise awareness and engagement on a policy topic in a timely and interactive manner

Awareness-raising and engagement are processes that go hand-in-hand. The process aims to inform and educate people while taking their feedback on specific issues and topics. The combined force of both processes can help a candidate or policymaker influence people's attitudes, behavior, and beliefs towards a defined goal. Unarguably powerful public opinions can mobilize the change, and further spread the message, and gather more support in favor of a policy. Depending on the topic, policymakers can utilize multiple awareness-raising tools.

Monitor positions, conversations, and reputation of stakeholders

Convocean’s social trackers give you a plethora of insight to track, monitor, know conversations, and overall sentiment around any issue, bill or policy. You can track the mentions and conversations of a particular issue by setting up queries in a specific location anywhere in the world. The tool gives you multiple filter options to segregate the data based on location, language, keyword, hashtags, follower analysis, and sentiment analysis. Our tools give lobbyists multi-level opportunities to connect with not only the public but candidates you plan to lobby. For example, with our tools find out the problems faced by people in a specific area and incorporate them into your research. Use your research based on public responses and develop a proposal for the target public official.

Gain instantaneous feedback

Offline surveys are quickly becoming a yesterday thing. Online surveys and D.M. campaigns help you reach the remotest corner and across age, gender and background. With just a click of a button, you can reach 1000 users and get instant feedback, even when they do not send a direct reply. Attracting support and followers is an uphill task. Dm campaigns can guide you to reach social accounts and followers relevant to your cause or goal. The detailed insight we provide can help you, micro-target your audience with online ads, mailers, and DMs

Grow a list of advocates and supporters

Finding the right influencer can help lobbyists to reach more voters and spread your message faster. These micro-influencers are authority figures, and most of their followers value their opinions. It is the authenticity of the micro-influencer that makes them the favorite of lobbyists and political parties. Micro-influencers can become popular cause-ambassadors for your policy fights. 2020 was the year where micro-influencers had a stronger impact in channelizing both negative and positive social campaigns. The year witnessed several mid-tier social media stars getting hired by marketing agencies to push political messages.

You need to identify and build relationships with such influencers who support your position. Our location-based influencer trackers can help you identify the most impactful influencers and engage with them. You can filter them out based on the bio, sentiment, profile location, topic, geolocation, posts, followers, impressions.


Social media is unarguably becoming a useful lobbying resource to analyze, engage and reach a wider audience base. From preparing you for political debates to save your political reputation, social monitoring and listening tools can be game-changers to your research and campaigns.

To lobby effectively you must find an optimal mix of resources. The social data through ConvOcean can provide that right mix to make better-informed decisions and create messages that resonate with your target audience - public or their representatives.