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About ConvOcean

What is ConvOcean?

ConvOcean is a social analytics workflow platform that allows you to influence anyone and drive social media conversations.

More about ConvOcean:

ConvOcean is a subscription platform to also manage your social media accounts. This is an advanced way of managing your accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Reddit and SnapChat.

There are many #oceans of conversations online. ConvOcean analyzes those conversations, provides analytics and tools to help you reach out to everyone in the ocean. While doing this, our top priority is to follow and respect the privacy of our users, conversations, social platforms and everyone else. Founded in May, 2020.

What can you do on ConvOcean?

ConvOcean is your premium subscription of social media accounts. Once you connect your social media accounts, you can do following on ConvOcean:

  • Search your followers, tweets, RTs, likes, links or posts.
  • Manage your followers by location, influence, followers count, topic.
  • Get access to analytics of your tweets.
  • Track growth of followers & tweets.
  • Upload your post automatically using our XML reader.
  • Schedule and send DMs to your followers by location, influence or topic.
  • Track your DMs & campaigns.
  • Compare your followers with any location.
  • Invite other followers to follow you and expand your reach.
  • Download reports for your followers, tweets & DMs.
  • With this, you will also have access to the followings:

  • Buy location based reports.
  • Find analytics of any URL.
  • Get access to our developer API to display analytics on your website.
  • Get analytics of any #hashtag, @mention or keyword.
  • Get analytics of any issue by location. (Issues include, abortion, border wall, climate change, coronavirus, economic equality, education, gun control, healthcare, immigration, opioid crisis, social security, taxes, trade & more.)
  • Where is this social data from?

    We analyze online conversations that are publicly shared on Twitter, Reddit, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat and Pinterest.

    How do we provide the data?

    We collect data which is available publicly, analyze and organize into reports.

    Metric Definition

    We find it based on users’ activities online.

    We find it based on users’ profile and activities.

    The number of times that people engaged with public conversations that mention the tracker. (retweets + replies + likes)

    The number of times that people see public conversations that mention the tracker. ((retweets + replies + likes) * Number of followers of everyone who engaged with the conversation)

    The number of times that tracker was publicly shared on social media.

    The number of times that tracker was publicly liked on social media.