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Using intuitive AI & ML capabilities, active listening and subsequently responding in real-time, ConvOcean humanizes interaction and creates a more involved society.

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Trusted leader in targeted social messaging

Stay focused on your audience and goals. With analytics and secure messaging, we help clients to have meaningful conversations at scale.

Effectively engage with your audience

Get to know the opinions of your Twitter users privately by sending customized polling messages. Plus, monitor your message campaigns with our unique reports.

Fundraise successfully

Find your supporters, influencers and raise donations by sending direct messages to Twitter users.

Increase sales

Send messages to your followers about restaurant offers, local or eCommerce stores discounts and auto deals.

Reach them using Social Messages

Instead of spending $3 per click for ads or likes, send 1000 messages to Twitter users for $10.

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How ConvOcean solves problems?

ConvOcean is a complete workflow platform that manages multiple priorities.

Built to help you achieve your goals

Political Polls On Demand

  • Identify right candidates from your district based on social reputation.
  • Replace door to door knocking with digital door knocking to reach more voters.
  • Compare your followers with social media users from any location & reach out to those followers.
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    Track News & Articles

  • Track news & articles about anyone in real-time.
  • Get alerts on analytics updates of news & articles of any brand.
  • Find social sentiments, influence, fake activities, engagement, reach and popularity for any news & article.
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