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Easy-to-use features that improve your marketing on Twitter

  • Professional Twitter DM tools built to grow your business
  • Expand your reach and grow your business on Twitter
  • Get the Highest DM open rates on any social media platform you've ever seen
  • Our delivery rate is 97% (To all your followers)
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Twitter DMs are 3X more powerful

  • Users get email when they receive DM.
  • Users get notification on mobile.
  • Users get a message on the web & app.

How It Works

Best-in-class Twitter DM marketing solution

#1Find Twitter users in any location.

  • Send DMs to users in any location
  • Compare your followers with trending hashtags or mentions from any location

for mentors
for mentors

#2Create groups of users by interest, location, sentiment.

Create a group of Twitter users who are talking positively about your brand & send them rewards & offers.

#3Create DMs using AI playground.

Create beautiful, branded DMs using our AI playground that make you look like a pro

for mentors
for mentors

#4Start Targeted DMs Campaign

  • Send personlized messages with images
  • Get instant feedback using a poll
  • Improve your click through rate using message with buttons
  • Send discount offers to customized users
Whether you’re just starting out or already an expert, ConvOcean’s easy-to-use DM builder has the tools you need to grow your business.

Use Cases

Learn about your brand in any location and reach users

Send discount offers to Millions of Twitter users

Create fundraising campaigns on Twitter

Reach out to Twitter users talking or investing in Web3

interview analyzed

Send personalized event invitations to Twitter users

Direct marketing that drives e-commerce success

Send DMs to your followers for any business location

A Trusted Leader in targeted social messaging

Stay focused on your audience and goals. With analytics and secure messaging, we help clients to have meaningful conversations at scale.

Effectively engage with your audience

Get to know the opinions of your Twitter users privately by sending customized polling messages. Plus, monitor your message campaigns with our unique reports.

Fundraise successfully

Find your supporters, influencers and raise donations by sending direct messages to Twitter users.

Increase sales

Send messages to your followers about restaurant offers, local or eCommerce stores discounts and auto deals.

Expand your reach with local audience

All in one place: Location based analytics, Create instant AI content, Send DMs to users on social media.

White label API integration