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with location based solutions

Whether you are a small business, local government, a multi-location brand, or an individual, delve deeper into the mindsets of your users. Each location carries its own story. Learn what users already say about particular locations related to your brand on social media and reach out to them. Knowing what those conversations say, makes your outreach more effective. We analyze those conversations and put them into easy to use reports. Get a better rate of conversion while spending less.

Proven quality real-time data that works for you

Customer experience is the number one reason that people choose to do business with a company or brand. It goes beyond quality. Word of mouth, a vital source of growth, so often depends on the level of engagement and how happy your client is with you. Knowing your clients better than ever before will add value to your engagement strategy. Create user experiences that your customers will love. Our smart data helps you read the environment intuitively, encourage effective communication, and increase engagement.

Transform your ROI with in-depth analysis of your best customers

From customizing your engagement efforts locally to building highly personalized user experiences to fine tuning micro targeting, our social media conversation analytics collaborates with you to create your most effective strategies yet. Take advantage of user sentiment that already exists and which can enrich your current user data. With information about what your customers think and say, you can easily expand reach, increase engagement, and increase revenue.

Expand your reach with local audience

All in one place: Location based analytics, Create instant AI content, Send DMs to users on social media.

Create instant AI content

Generate 100+ content suggestions in one click for your ad, post and headlines; To post on any social media platform

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AI Playground to create instant content

Sometimes it is really tough to come up with new content every day. Create fast SEO friendly content with a tool that helps you generate ad copy, descriptions, blogs, headlines and more automatically in just one click. Write customized social media posts efficiently from thousands of suggestions.

Track impact of your brand in the news

News media write about hundreds of topics every minute, including about brands, public figures, and products. These are lost within the huge amount of information equally as quickly. Our news tracker tool searches digital news media for any topic you want and analyzes its impact, including sentiment, influencers, contributors, and more.

White label API integration

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