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Social Analytics Workflow Platform

By humanizing interaction, with active listening and subsequently responding in real-time,
ConvOcean creates a more involved society.

Built-in Twitter Campaigning Tools

Manage multiple Twitter accounts on single sign-on platform.

Reach target consumers with our built-in messaging tool

  • Distribution: Manage & export your followers / followings from multiple Twitter accounts.

  • Customization: Create groups of followers - by location, followers count, specific issues, influence & more.

  • Information: Get access to individual-level search and analytics on your followers & followings.

  • Outreach: Schedule, send messages and track campaigns to followers by group.

  • Campaign Management: Manage multiple social media accounts from one place and synchronize your social media campaigns.


Twitter Bookmarks Manager

  • Manage links you Tweet, RTs & Reply

  • Create & manage groups of links.

  • Revisit links in future whenever you want.

Compare and target followers by location

  • Compare your followers with local influencers from any region.

  • Identify both who is and who is not following you from any location.

  • Invite influencers from any location to follow you.

  • Send direct messages to any influencers.

  • Expand your reach by location or specific issue.


Manage your domain

  • Search & manage links for any domain

  • Create groups of links - by domain, location, influence, category & more.

  • Find popularity of any article or blog.

  • Analytics of links for any domain.

  • Track what works in the market & acquire leadership in your space.

XML Reader for Social Media Platforms

  • Upload XML & post anything on social media in one click.

  • Schedule posts for any time interval.

  • Streamline your posts on social media.

  • Track performance of your posts.


Analytics that help you focus on the right audience


Deeper understanding of consumers

Leverage the right knowledge to craft effective messaging.


Better ROI with the right data

Get more value with each dollar you spend.

Built to help you achieve your goals

Political Polls On Demand

Track location based issues, influencers, fake trends, questions and public sentiments in real time. This makes it easier to communicate with voters.

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News Trackers

Track how your brand is being perceived in the news by the billions of digital media conversations in real time.

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Track Articles

Track all articles and blogs for any news media, writers or blog platform. Find analytics, expand your reach and increase revenue.

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Developer API

Get access to our data now. Display analytics on your website using our API.